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If you have, you’re not alone! Over 60% of the population forget to take their medications on time, daily.

The issue of being non-compliant could mean: taking too many pills, taking too few pills, taking pills too late or not at all. The result is a person or loved one who is at greater risk for heart attacks, strokes, seizures, pregnancy, slips, falls, drug overdose or costly emergency care.

For most people all they need is a tap on the shoulder, a nudge if you will, to remind them to take their pills on time every day. Daily Pill Reminder provides that nudge by calling your home or mobile phone daily to tell you it is time to take your breakfast, lunch, dinner or bedtime medications. We offer a daily plan of action that is repetitive and easy to follow.

Daily Pill Reminder Service Is an outbound phone voice messaging service that calls at scheduled times throughout the day to remind a person to go to where they keep your pills/medication and to take them now!
If the person is not home our system will leave a voice message telling the the person it is time to take either their breakfast, lunch, dinner or bedtime  medications now.



Listen To Our Daily Pill Reminder Phone Messages

Morning Call Lunch Call


Dinner Call
Bedtime Call


To see if Daily Pill Reminder Service is right for you or a family member we are offering a FREE WEEK OF SERVICE TO ANYONE LIVING IN THE USA or CANADA . When we say FREE we mean FREE!

To start your 7 day trial all you need to do is fill out a simple form. NO CREDIT CARD IS REQUIRED FOR THE 7 DAY TRIAL. To get started simply fill out the form and your 7-Day trial will start. On the last day of the Free Trial we will send you a link to the calling plan your are currently using. If you want to continue the service there will be a link in the email that you can use to purchase the plan your currently using. If you no longer want to receive Daily Pill Reminder phone calls, do nothing and the Daily Pill Reminder calls will stop. The FREE 7-Day trial will end on the 8th day.


 Our intent is simple: its to help remind you or a loved one each time a dose of medication is scheduled to be taken. Our primary goal is to remind you to take your medicine on time every time a dose of medications is to be consumed.

We offer an easy to follow scheduled reminder service that requires no new equipment or technology to purchase or learn. Let us help you or a loved one take your pills on time daily using our friendly voice reminder service. The best part of our service is; if you follow our voice instructions and consume your medications each time we call, you should never miss another dose of medications again! Let us help you remain independent, studies say the more consistent you can be consuming your medication the healthier you will be.

Calling plans start at $15 per month!
No long-term contracts or termination fees!

We offer 4 Pill Reminder Calling Plans

1Call Plan
This calling plan will call you 1-time per day to remind you to take your medications
2Call Plan
This calling plan will call you 2-times per day to remind you to take your medications.
3Call Plan
This calling plan will call you 3-times per day to reminder you to take your medications.
4Call Plan
This calling plan will call you 4-times per day to remind you to take your medications.

Our membership plans are easy to obtain and are offered as a month-to-month subscription service. Use the service for 30 days and if it is not right for you, simple click on the cancel service link at the bottom of every page. However, if you like the service your membership will automatically renew each month.

To start receiving pill reminder calls is simple; pick a calling plan that matches the number of times a day you are suppose to take your medication, choose your options and submit payment. Within 24 hours you’ll start receiving your pill reminder phone calls.

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